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GKD Buismet (Pty) Ltd.

“Exemplary innovative competence and the courage to keep an open mind for unconventional ideas, characterizes the entrepreneurial development of GKD world wide"

GKD - Gebr. Kufferath AG is one of the leading technical weaving mills in the world.  Founded in 1925, the Company has systematically developed from being a supplier of basic woven wire mesh towards supplying mesh types woven of metals and plastics for technically demanding applications. We have reached our present size and importance not only by the use of modern technologies, but also by individual solutions to solve our customers' problems and conscious innovation to meet the demands of our clients.

Four key factors are the driving forces behind our success : an interdisciplinary approach to long-term solutions, a total commitment to quality, technological leadership and customer proximity.

In order to accomplish this, we maintain both national and international business relations.  Internationally, we form part of the GKD Group with our parent company, GKD Gebr, Kufferath AG in Germany and subsidiaries in the USA, United Kingdom, Spain, Dubai and China.  In total the GKD Group employs over 700 employees world wide. 

Locally a total of 110 people are employed within South Africa.  At our production works in Randfontein, Gauteng, we have a total production area of 5 200 m² and after our head quarters in Düren, this is the second largest facility in the Group.  Locally, we are able to offer a complete design and service capability with the full backing of our principals in Germany.

We have a dedicated team of qualified Metallurgical and Mechanical Engineers and After Sales Account Managers with an extensive internal sales platform looking after all the needs of the numerous clients, which we have in the Sub-Saharan region.  Locally our business model is focused on regular face to face meetings and after sales service at our various clients.

Profitable growth, global customer proximity and sustained leadership in innovation :  a clearly defined strategy resulting in GKD booking successful results year after year.

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GKD - Gebr. Kufferath AG website : http://www.gkd.de